Turning on the style

YouTube sensations the F2 – aka Billy Wingrove and Jeremy Lynch – will be keeping fans entertained at the Champions Festival

Of all the Champions League coaches you have worked with,

who impressed you most on the ball?

Billy: Poch! We were lucky enough to film with Mauricio Pochettino previously and then we spent time with him again in Dortmund with UEFA and he's a genuinely nice guy and has an incredible aura. He's the kind of coach you can see the players want to work for. He's a top man and has great tekkers!

Tekkers! You are changing football terminology with the words you've created. What's your favourite?

Billy: Swazz is great because it sounds how it feels – "a swazzy finish into the top bins" – you can picture it from the sentence! The Sledgehammer is another one we love as it sounds powerful. You immediately associate it with a power hit. It says exactly what it does.

Who is your favourite player of all time?

Jezza: There have been some greats who we look up to: Zidane and Maradona, Ronaldo and Messi but we're both massive fans of Ronaldinho; growing up he was the player who produced tricks and tekkers in games more than most. He was outrageous at times with no-look passes, back-passing and the elastico.

You've worked with Andriy Shevchenko this season. What's that been like?

Billy: What a legend! Sheva just oozes class. He's so detailed and intricate in his wording, he's so precise in his explanation. I'm sure he's a great coach.

Watch Jezza and Billy recreate Andriy Shevchenko's greatest goals here.

How much are you looking forward to playing in the Ultimate Champions match?

Jezza: This will be our second Champions match and we're so excited to get out boots on.

Waht's it like playing alongside those legends?

Billy: It's an honour to share the pitch with players we watched and tried to emulate growing up. We hope that we're inspiring the next generation as much as these guys inspired us!

What did you think of Cristiano Ronaldo's overhead kick against Juve?

Jezza: Incredible technique. To get that high off the ground and direct the volley into the goal is amazing in itself, but to pull it off in a game of that magnitude was pure class from Ronaldo. There's been some great overhead kicks – Rooney, Zlatan, Ronaldinho and Rivaldo – but that
one tops the lot.

What other great pieces of skill have caught your eye?

Billy: Salah has been great and always produces moments of magic. Liverpool's first leg against Roma was really good. We love speed in play and Liverpool have it in abundance.

Jezza: I remember watching Neymar versus Celtic and just thinking: "Wow!" Every time he got the ball he did something – a stepover, a Cruyff turn, he even got an assist off his back I think. He was incredible.

You have worked with so many great players. Whose skills have impressed you most?

Billy: Neymar. He just makes everything look so easy and relaxed. Skills that people practise and practise and still don't nail, he just gets it.